Martin Guitars

Martin Guitars


As previously mentioned, martin guitars have been in existence for decades.  In fact, well over a century and a half.  We think you’ll agree, had their products been inferior, they would not have been able to survive over such a period of time.  Their story originally began in Markneudirchen, Germany by C.F. Martin Sr. on January 31st, 1796.  He was already born into a family of guitar makers and at the early age of 15, left home to apprentice with Johann Stauffer, a renowned guitar maker of the time.


Martin guitars were instrumental in the innovation of the 14-fret guitar.  Up until then guitars were generally equipped with 12 frets.  This innovation was so well received that Martin extended this feature to all of their models.  From there it became the standard design for the American guitar industry.


The model that has become a trademark for Martin guitars is the Dreadnought guitar.  Frank Martin and Harry Hunt originally designed it.  It was reasoned by Mr. Hunt that the large body and booming bass, would be ideal for accompanying vocals.  The first dreadnoughts, introduced in 1916, were sold under the brand name of “Oliver Ditson And Co., Boston, New York.”  With the disappearance of this company in 1931, Martin guitars incorporated the Dreadnought into its line.  Today the model is a dominant factor in the Martin line and virtually every other manufacturer has introduced versions of their own. 

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Martin acoustic guitars and Rolls Royce automobiles. Martin and Steinway pianos. Martin and Baccarat crystal. High-falutin' comparisons, to be sure; but few acoustic musicians can hear the name C. F. Martin without instantly linking it to some mental image that stands for enduring quality. Since 1833, the Martin Guitar Company has provided instruments of consistently high caliber to virtually a world-wide market.

Martin Guitars

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