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You say you want to be the next Stevie Ray Vaughn and learn to play guitar like the big boys.  Well the ultimate guitar lessons can be found right here at Guitar Player Resources.  Get free guitar lessons and learn at your own pace or take your skills to the next level.  Learn guitar riffs and licks and use our easy free information.  Don’t forget to share your biggest discovery with us, so we can tell others about it.


Perhaps you have discovered an interesting and unique method of playing guitar chords? We would love to see and hear what you have.  We want to make this guitar resource as interactive as possible so don’t be afraid to share your ideas with us.  We’ll see that you get the credit.  We’ve included a free guitar chords generator as well as free chord charts.


Are you a luthier or guitar collector?  Do you like to tinker with guitar repairs or finishes and adjustments?  Your knowledge could be a wealth of information to a guitar enthusiast such as yourself.

If you know the tricks of the trade in guitar setup and maintenance, you could have many of the answers your fellow musicians crave. It’s a known fact that guitars that are set up correctly, shorten the learning curve for beginners and set the stage for advanced players to take their music to the next level. You probably know something about guitar repairs, setup or maintenance that we don’t, so why not share it with us.


These topics are just the tip of the iceberg.  You’ll find much more information than simple guitar tuning on our site.  And maybe you’ll finally be able to master those guitar chords by making an ever so slight change in your approach through free guitar lessons you got right here.  So do yourself a favor and dig deeper into our site, beyond guitar repairs and maintenance or guitar makers and use this resource center to its full potential.  Share, share, and share some more.


“A good, strong melody line is often all that is required to create a mood or groove, and imply harmony.  The melody is always the Guest of Honor, so be a gracious host.  Memorize the melody.”

-Jerry Martin


Guitar Resources


We hope to supply you with knowledge you seek and answers to questions you may have regarding the many aspects of playing the guitar.  On the following pages, you’ll find instruction on guitar tuning - a step-by-step method, as well as guitar lessons if you want to learn to play guitar and hundreds of guitar chords up and down the fret board.  We’ll also cover guitar repairs, setup and maintenance and invite your participation in all these facets of your chosen instrument.


If you have a special approach to guitar tuning and feel it would be of value to fellow musicians, please feel free to email it to us from our contact page and we’ll consider publishing it. It may be obvious, but it can’t be over emphasized how important tuning is, in relation to playing melodic lines and chords in music.  If you’re a beginner and want to learn to play guitar, you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by taking the time to visit our pages on guitar tuning for tips and instruction on this process.  Your guitar lessons will be much more pleasurable if the notes and chords you attempt to play, are more melodic and less dissonant.


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