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Free Guitar Lessons

Through the use of standard notation and terse tablature, these complete and accurate free guitar lessons present a refreshingly simple approach to those who want to learn to play guitar.  The objective is to introduce ASPIRATION to INSPIRATION. The focus is on guitar playing, not music reading; the "real value" is in the "tab" arrangements and the unique method of instruction.


Admittedly, considerable time and space have been devoted to what some might consider very small points. Yet it is the sum of these points that serve to create an effect upon the listener.  In these lessons we propose to explain just some of the details that can go into the preparation and performance of a guitar solo.


NOTE: In consideration of left-handed players, the terms "fret-hand" and "pick-hand" are utilized throughout the text.



Guitar Lessons
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Guitar Playing Styles


There are several approaches to learning guitar.  Flat picking (the rock and country guitar model). Classical or nylon string guitar, flamenco, simple chording and others.  We’re going to cover the ‘finger-style method.’

Guitar Lessons
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Classical Guitar Tablature
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