Basic Guitar Chords


Open Chords As Opposed To Bar Chords


The two major forms of chords for guitar are open chords and bar chords.  Open chords offer a sweeter sound and tend to have a ring to them.  This form is used more in popular, folk and country music where a softer more acoustic sound is desired.


In sharp contrast, bar chords or as some may call them, ‘power chords’ are exactly the opposite.  These are more of an aggressive style chord used extensively in rock and heavy metal music where a harder sound is what the player is looking for.  We’ll show you examples of both these types in our free guitar chords offered in this section.


Major, Minor, Diminished And Augmented, 7th, 6th, more….


That’s right.  There are more.  There may only be a limited number of actual guitar chords but there are literally thousands of ways of playing those chords.  Don’t let us scare you though.  Even the most prolific guitar players use only what is most comfortable to them and serves their purpose at the time of presentation.  In the following pages, we’re going to keep things fairly simple by studying a couple of versions of major, minor and minor 7th basic guitar chords.  These are illustrated in our free guitar chords chart.  To further expand your knowledge we encourage you to use our chord generator
Basic Guitar Chords
Basic Guitar Chord Structure
Guitar Major Scale
Bass Guitar Chords
Learning Easy Guitar Chords
Guitar Chords

There are different approaches to guitar chords and we’ll touch upon some of them here by offering information and examples of basic guitar chords as well as a resource of free guitar chords, charts and even a generator for visual effect.


In a nutshell, chords are groups of notes that imply a scale.  Basic guitar chords belong to certain keys and imply a given scale.  By playing any note that is diatonically correct for that scale your result will be a pleasing sound.  We’ll get into guitar scales later, but for now, to keep things simple, we’ll stick to basic guitar chords and the two major types.


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